Information organized
by Location

Have you ever felt the need to organize your data by location for a quantity takeoff, a budget or to simply manage your work site? Try this location module and start doing that easily. Launching soon.

Divide your project areas by Location

Easily mark the different areas on your model and validate the
Location Systems created by you and your team.


Configure a set of relations between some properties values and the Locations of the active Locations System.

Assign a set of elements to their proper Locations automatically,
given an automatic configuration set for a specific Location System.


Assign a set of elements in the 3D model using
model viewer, to a Locations in the active Locations

Add your own Data

Export & Import Excel

Import or export the active grid data between
BIMWorkplace and Excel back and forward. Extract
data from the model or update the model's data
using an external excel file.