Manage your
model's quantities

You can easily organize quantities such as areas, volumes, lengths, angles and counts, directly from the BIM model elements data or from the project blueprints.
An integrated platform where you can have a quantities take-off from 3D and 2D models, and also manual quantities.
A solution for a better pre-construction process, coming soon.

Explore Model Quantities on a high level of detail

Explore the Quantities module and have access to special tools and features.

Measure quantities through 2D Drawings

Carry out measurements on your 2D drawing and add them to your quantities.

Add Quantities manually

You can also perform the whole process manually.

Add your own Data

Export & Import Excel

Import or export the active grid data between
BIMWorkplace and Excel back and forward. Extract
data from the model or update the model's data
using an external excel file.