Exportar Excel Editável

The Integrations menu has very versatile tools that allow greater flexibility for editing data and integrations with native software.

The Excel export in this menu, unlike the reports, will generate a file with the selected topics, however considering only those that the user has permissions to edit. If the user selects topics that he does not have permission for, they will not appear in the file.

In this file it is possible to edit the topic data directly in Excel and then return to it matter to sit in the BIMWorkplace in the cloud and thus update these topics in bulk.

To import this file, in the Integrations menu, there is the button Import Data. To select, it is necessary to fill in the mandatory fields, and then drag or select your fileExcel in the cloud image to import it.

These required fields mentioned, are those that need to be filled in when creating a topic, so for file import security excel successfully, if these fields do not contain data in the file, the same will be filled in with those selected by the user in this Import Data space.

When confirming the import, the user will be able to follow the progress of the import and after its completion will have the result in the Status column. In case the import fails, it is possible to analyze the details by expanding the accordion of the file in question.

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