Follow the evolution of your project with Insights

Take advantage of insightful dashboards that will help guide your decisions and streamline your process. Get a project overview that displays project progress, recent activities, work status, pending tasks, and much more.

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You can create your own dashboard

You can create your own dashboards by choosing the graphics and widgets you want to insert into your dashboards.

  • Permissions: Define who can view and edit your dashboard or keep it private only for you
  • Analyze your project in a simple way: Dashboards are important for checking your project information and analyzing issues and project progress quickly and immediately.
Widgets & Graphics


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Keep an eye on your team Revit Models uploads

Control your project's Revit model uploads. Through the graphic, you will know the uploads already used and how many are still available in the project. There are several ways to import models into BIMWorkplace. This review is only for Revit file uploads directly to the cloud.

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See who is most active on the project and coordinate your team

Take control of your team's activity. You will be able to see the entire team associated with the project, and you will also have information about the group to which each user belongs, as well as the position in the company and contact email.

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Find your project in space and time. Show your project's location

Use the map widget to show your project's location. Know exactly where your project is located so you can directly answer all questions related to the overarching area and local weather. Map and weather are just some of our available widgets in our library.

Widgets & Graphics
per module

Models Elements

Take control of the elements of your models through dynamic graphics, you can see all the elements contained in your project. You can use the mouse scroll to get a closer or more general view.

Topics per Milestone & Label

Take control of your topics by project phase. Know exactly how many issues you have for each phase of the project. Also organize it by engineering discipline. You will be able to more easily analyze which models have the most issues.

Topics per Area & Type

Get a better sense of which areas of the model have the most topics. You can divide your topics by type, such as clash, information discrepancy or omission. Know exactly the problems of your model and solve them.

Topics per Status‚Äč & Priority

Analyze your topics by status. You can categorize your topics' status from "new", "approved", "closed" and much more. The priority chart allows you to have a clear view of the number of pending issues to be resolved and their degree of importance.

Topics per User & Group

The best way to organize your team is to know how many topics each team member has assigned. For an overview, you can find out which topics each workplace group has access to. Organizing your team has never been so simple.

Topics Timeline

Organize your team's work with a chart that summarizes project topic deadlines. Know exactly how many days you have to resolve a certain number of topics and which ones are already overdue. Control work peaks and define everyone's priorities well.

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