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Conquer your customers with BIMWorkplace

How to use BIMWorkplace to impress your team and your clients in project meetings and presentations? Find out now! Introducing a client is always a high responsibility task. In order for everything to be executed better and the client to

Everything you need to know to increase your team&...

5 actions to increase your team’s productivity Companies with the highest productivity have prominent places in terms of revenue and worker satisfaction. This productivity is the result of constant investment in the development and management of performance processes. How to

BIMWorkplace Community
Access to BIMWorkplace community support

What is the BIMWorkplace community? BIMWorkplace aims at efficiency in the work environment and guaranteeing positive results for our customers. For this, it is not about capturing customers on a large scale, but in maintaining a healthy relationship between technology

Construction management software
Tips for choosing good construction management sof...

Tips for choosing construction management software The construction sector is constantly growing, consequently the need to adopt more efficient tools has increased in recent years. In order to respond to this need, numerous construction management software have appeared on the

BIM Methodology vs BIM Software
The difference between BIM methodology and BIM sof...

The difference between BIM methodology and BIM software Despite the BIM methodology not being present in the civil construction market for many decades and being pointed out as the future of civil construction, some companies are still in the recognition

Team Motivation
5 simple steps to motivate your team

5 simple steps to motivate your team One of the main challenges and concerns of team managers, in the current scenario of organizations, is knowing how to motivate the team. That’s why today we will show you 5 simple steps

Data Security
BIMWorkplace’s commitment to data security

BIMWorkplace’s commitment to data security BIMWorkplace’s mission is to ensure the construction of a community of users, throughout their experience with the BIM methodology. For this, it is necessary to build a transparent, honest and ethical relationship with customers. All

BIM progress
The BIM progress in construction

BIM’s progress in construction Although BIM methodology is not a current topic, there are still companies that resist its use, believing that it is an expensive investment with no potential for return. The truth is that, very soon, this will

Connectivity from the construction to the office
The importance of maintaining connectivity between...

The importance of maintaining connectivity between onsite and office operations There are many challenges encountered when executing a construction project, and often the connection between the jobsite and the office is lacking. Today we will address the importance of maintaining

Power Users
All about BIMWorkplace POWER USERS program

All about BIMWorkplace POWER USERS Program Learn all about the BIMWorkplace Power User program! The main mission of BIMWorkplace is the democratization of technology in construction, through a simple software that allows full team collaboration and optimizes project management.  Today

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