Make your work easier with Collaboration

Manage all your topics (i.e. issues and clashes) directly from your author or clash detection software, without the need to work with messy and endless Excel files and emails. You can share all information in cloud to keep your teamwork easy and streamlined. BIMWorkplace Collaboration provides a central hub for all coordination information from design to facility management.

Issues and Clashes

Increase your efficiency and productivity!

We know that business and technical topics (like design issues) are difficult to manage

Manage information efficiently

How can you know who reported the topic and what comments have been made so far by the rest of the team? Collaboration will help you to manage your project topics and issues.

Keep the topics update across your ecosystem

Connect BIMWorkplace with your author and clash detection software (currently Revit and Navisworks plugins are available), or create new topics within BIMWorkplace. Assign specific clashes to an issue and leave a comment on this issue. Do not forget to attach files to each issue to complement your analysis.

What you will only find in Collaboration

BIMWorkplace provides standard data fields, but you can create custom data fields that best suit your business. This platform allows you to create standardized issue type selections.
You can set these custom data fields as mandatory, so that when another user creates a topic, they will have to fill in this custom data field.

You can correlate topics status between BIMWorkplace and your clash detection app, such as Autodesk Navisworks. Synchronization between the different statuses of different platforms allow an effective and reliable bi-directional update of data between applications.

Each topic can have multiple comments associated with it, allowing all team members to interact in the topic resolution process. You can include viewpoints and images in comments, where you can add markups indicating the exact location of the topic.
You can also highlight comments that the team thinks add value or resolve the topic by pinning them to the top of the comments list.

You can have not just one image or main viewpoint on the topic, but several others that help you to illustrate it.
In addition to adding viewpoints created directly from your author software or BIMWorkplace cloud viewer, you can upload images or paste print screens directly from the clipboard that you created on other author software (Word, PDF, Excel, Autocad, etc).

Each topic can have an unlimited number of attachments associated with it (in any format). This feature will allow you to gather all data in one place to make it easier for all project members to understand. Your team will also be able to view the entire history of the topic.

BIMWorkplace & Navisworks

Connected Issues

How Connected Issues will automate clash management


Group clashes

With our plugin for your clash detection app (like Autodesk Navisworks) you can group your clashes according to multiple criteria, which allows you to organize and communicate effectively

Convert clashes into “issues” type topics

Through our plugin for clash detection apps (like Autodesk Navisworks), you can also take advantage of our powerful feature to automatically collect clashes into topics, keeping an active connection between BIMWorkplace and your clash detection app.

Comment and work on a solution

All team members (those who have permission) can comment on the topic. These comments will be associated with the topic and will allow an effective evolution of the model.

Navigate in individual clashes

Teams can browse individual clashes assigned to the topics within the authority design software (like Autodesk Revit and Navisworks) or BIMWorkplace cloud viewer to discuss potential solutions.

Bidirectional integration of clash to topics

You have the ability to group clashes into topics and directly sync them to BIMWorkplace. Any changes made in BIMWorkplace or the author software (like Autodesk Revit) will be synced back to your clash detection app.

Keep a bird’s eye view of your project

Keep you and your team updated on the status of your topics and the evolution of the project. Empower team members to discover insights hidden in your data.

BIMWorkplace Ecosystem growing!


BCF Files



IFC Files

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How Collaboration can help your business

Optimize teamwork
Optimize teamwork

Collaboration lets you include all project members on a single cloud platform. Improve communication between teams, work collaboratively and in real time.

Group Topics according to their data fields
Group Topics according to their data fields

You can group topics by their data fields, which will allow an efficient organization of a meeting agenda or brainstorming among the team.

Batch editing of multiple topics
Batch editing of multiple topics

Batch editing allows for faster topic update. There’s no point in wasting time on individual edits when you can do them all at once!

Work smartly. Transfer configurations
Work smartly. Transfer configurations

By transferring project configurations and team members from similar projects or BIMWorkplace data standards, you can speed up the start of your project and make your team more efficient.

Custom your dashboard
Custom your dashboard

Custom your dashboards for different purposes. This will allow you to have different lenses of your project and control the status of your project and its bottlenecks.

Advanced Permissions
Advanced Permissions

The project manager can decide which users can view, create, edit or delete a given topic. Permissions will also have a big impact on the usability of BIMWorkplace, telling users only of features they need and can use.

Things you might be asking…

The most popular and commonly used topic types are the issues you have encountered in your project, such as clashes, incompatibility between drawings and documents within a trade or between trades.
But a topic can also be team member suggestions, information and change requests. Use it according to your needs. This module is here to help you!

BIMWorkplace offers direct integration with Autodesk Revit and Navisworks through our plugins. If you work with other software, you can also import your topics into BIMWorkplace via BCF. or XLS. format. BIMWorkplace intends to combine the use of IFC and BCF files, so that you can find an ideal way to explore OpenBIM.

We have an email or in-app notification system where each user can define what information to receive and when to be notified.
The Insights module also allows the user to have an overview of all activities carried out on the platform, such as in Explorer or Collaboration, through informative widgets (graphs, numbers and diagrams).

Create topic reports in PDF and XLS formats. You can generate reports for all your topics, or add filters to generate reports focused on the topic you are discussing.
In addition, to have better control of your reports, you can access the history, where you can manage which reports were generated, when and even who generated them.

Set deadlines for topics by filling in the “due date” data field along with a description, comments, views/images and the team member responsible for it. Team members who follow the topic will receive notifications about all actions taken.

Collaboration will increase the quality of your project, and its team management efficiency. You can anticipate problems, create metrics to prevent bottlenecks, and reduce rework time.

BIMWorkplace is a cloud platform that allows access from any location. In addition, every project change that is made on the platform is updated for all users involved, so that communication is always reliable and visible on the dashboards.
Everyone has access to the same information, and BIMWorkplace offers an advanced notification system that allows monitoring by those responsible and followers of a specific topic. Your team can comment topics directly in your authority software via our plugin, and anyone can view topic details on BIMWorkplace.

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