One single platform for everyone

All your work in one place: models, quantities, locations and budget.
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One single platform for everyone

A single source of truth
for everyone

Integrated and cloud-based collaborative construction platform that enhances communication and collaboration among all departments by providing a common and accessible set of data in real-time and on the field.

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Quick onboarding for all the workforce

BIMWorkplace provides a highly user-friendly interface that allows the entire construction sector workforce to use it. Projects’ workspaces are customizable to each person allowing a fast understanding of the software.
BIMWokplace doesn’t require robust hardware or complex configurations to set it up. It’s simple so everyone can use it. 

Reduce risk through
data-driven decisions

BIMWorkplace provides real-time information so you and your team can make the right decisions and achieve better results. Through data-driven decisions you will reduce costs by saving time and avoiding mistakes.

BIMWorkplace's solutions for your project

See 3D models and all their information displayed on an organized grid. You can filter what to see on the 3D model and on the grid in all different modules.

Navigate through your 3D model by isolating and highlighting specific elements that you wish to find or point out on the model.

Filter information and elements by model's categories and by location. You can also filter manually by selecting elements on the model or you can create your own custom filter.

Import and export models' data between Revit and BIMWorkplace. Manage, measure and check Revit's model data. You can also edit parameters values or add new parameters to your Revit model.


data security​

Get full control over you team’s process and workflow while keeping your data safe. With BIMWorkplace you can control what information each team member has access to and what action they can perform on the platform. Control also the scope and frequency of the notifications you receive.





Join other
productive teams


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Start your management journey, be more productive and get better results with BIMWorkplace. Get full control of your project's progress and an overview of your team's tasks. Be on top of everything. 

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