5 actions to increase your team's productivity

Companies with the highest productivity have prominent places in terms of revenue and worker satisfaction. This productivity is the result of constant investment in the development and management of performance processes.

How to increase your team’s productivity?

To ensure good results, companies must adopt good practices of organization and management of processes and tasks. Identifying team needs and offering benefits to employees are also winning practices when the goal is to have a productive team.

To increase the productivity of their team, team leaders and managers must establish greater proximity with employees to identify points that can be constantly optimized.

Find out now, which are the 5 changes that you can implement right now in your company that will increase the productivity of your work teams:

1. Provide suitable methodologies and work materials

It seems obvious, but often what we think is the ideal work environment is not. We, as managers, must realize if the work environment is really favorable and motivating. Ideally, professionals should be involved in this analysis, asking their opinion about the workplace and what can be improved (light, noise, temperature, and environment).

It is essential that employees have a way to plan and monitor their daily tasks, as well as access to software that allows them to optimize the time for each task. By reducing time per task, employees will not only have more time to complete new tasks, but also additional motivation that will allow them to work longer and better.

In the construction phase, it is essential that employees have access to all personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as ensure that they have the necessary materials (in the necessary quantity) to carry out their tasks.

2. Set goals

Setting goals does not mean pressuring the employee to achieve results at any cost, but creating goals for the development and better performance of the team.

Through the definition of objectives, the employee will work motivated and focused on the tasks that he will have to develop to achieve the objective that has been proposed. For the company, it is an ingenious methodology to measure the state of execution of a work and the efficiency and productivity of its employees. It is important to emphasize that it is up to the team managers to create actions that enable the achievement of the established goals.

Whenever there is a need to ‘speed up’ the work processes, it is enough to reward employees for the objective achieved. While the employee will be happy to work hard for an additional reward, management will ensure delivery deadlines are met. Everyone wins in the end.

3. Optimize the workflow

Workflows list all actions mentioned here. In other words, a flow is composed of a series of habits, methods and routines that together, when put into practice, lead the team to an increase in productivity.

More and more flows must be technological! It is essential to adopt the use of technology to support all processes, whether management or task execution.

4. Regular meetings

There is no denying that to have great results and uncomplicated processes, teams need to establish good communication with each other.

Understanding the processes and steps makes the team understand the needs of all elements and enables the adoption of measures that work for the best collective result.

5. Establish freedom of feedback

The cooperation of workers with business management is essential for the optimal functioning of all sectors of an organization. In addition, the employee feedback freedom policy allows a relationship of trust between team managers and employees to be created, involving everyone in a more exciting way.

It is a very important way for employees to express what they would like for changes and improvements, as well as for the company to recognize the work done.

In addition to recognizing positive results, it is also a way of correcting flaws and optimizing processes in the development of work.

We have the deepest conviction that this set of actions will allow an optimization of working methods that in the short term will increase your company’s productivity.

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