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5 simple steps to motivate your team

One of the main challenges and concerns of team managers, in the current scenario of organizations, is knowing how to motivate the team. That’s why today we will show you 5 simple steps to motivate your team.

Increasingly, the well-being of employees is essential for company productivity. This is the truth, if the company invests in this area for customers or for its image, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to create mechanisms to provide the employee with a better work experience.

Motivation is one of the main aspects for achieving the defined objectives. That’s because motivation is contagious and promotes increased productivity of the company’s employees.

Employees spend a large part of the day at their workplace, and it is essential that during this period they feel motivated and happy. In addition, a pleasant working environment can also be seen as an important factor in retaining talent.

Training an employee is very expensive for companies and consumes a lot of time invested, so companies must make sure that their employees are really happy to be part of the company and motivated to carry out their tasks.

In fact, motivation is essential for carrying out any activity in an individual’s life, and not just in the work context, especially those that require greater effort. Do you know the benefits of having a motivated team? Do you know how to motivate your team? Keep reading this article and discover the answers!

What are the benefits of having a motivated team?

A motivated team achieves better results, increases employee productivity and ensures greater team commitment.

The business environment is influenced by the motivation of its employees and vice versa. That is why it is very important to have a happy work environment, with all the necessary conditions for employees to enjoy working and a natural commitment to giving their best. Motivated people are able to perform tasks with greater attention and efficiency, collaborating and helping their co-workers.

Motivation also has the gift of committing workers to team results, becoming more available to help other people, optimizing results and improving the quality of processes. When the team is fully motivated, task repetition and the number of errors is considerably reduced.

Finally, reducing internal conflicts is also one of the great advantages of working with a motivated team. Greater retention of talent, the stability of professionals and the creation of a good working environment will be consequences of motivation.

After all, how to motivate a team?

The most competitive companies in the market already have, as part of their strategy, a set of actions that aim to promote the motivation of each individual within the organization.

The biggest asset of companies when it comes to creating better working conditions for their employees is, undoubtedly, technology. Currently, there are technologies and software that facilitate communication and integration between professionals, reduce operating time and ensure better results.

We know what you are thinking: “ok, I’ve realized that it’s important and beneficial to have motivated teams, but how can I keep my team motivated?” We will answer your question!

Team Evolution
5 steps to keep the team motivated to manage and execute the work
1. Share the goals

It is important that the leadership figure establishes the objectives to be achieved. Goals should be SMART specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timed. So that all team members understand them and can actually fulfill them.

The more the team is involved to achieve the same goals, the higher the work productivity and the fewer errors will occur.

In this way, all employees will be protagonists of the actions taken, which will motivate them to be more responsible and efficient in solving tasks.

2. Invest in technology

Currently, many technological and innovative solutions facilitate the process of management and execution of works, in a collaborative way.

This is the case of BIM methodology, which through various software provides companies with simplified ways of carrying out their daily activities. Learn more about the importance of BIM.

These benefits may seem just technical, but their ability to make employees more efficient and teams informed is remarkable. And of course, the execution becomes simpler, more pleasant and less susceptible to unforeseen events that cause wear and tear among those involved.

3. Be there for your team

In order for the objectives to be achieved, it is essential that team leaders create conditions and goals for this. Constant monitoring of the team, motivational speech and good humor are fundamental factors for the success of a good leader.

As a team leader, never forget the old leadership rule, “Praise in public and reprimand in private”. By drawing attention to an employee, it will cause frustration for him and the entire team, which is certainly a counter-motivation practice. Praising in public will motivate the person being praised and all employees to be praised as well, and consequently to put in even more effort into their tasks.

As a team manager, you must monitor the productivity rate of each employee, to verify that everyone is at their maximum productivity. Whenever productivity is not adequate, you will have to investigate what are the difficulties faced and define appropriate and personalized measures, in order to recover the best result and motivation of the individual.

4. Investment and Training

Invest in training your employees, remember that the more trained they are, the better results they will bring to the company. In addition, when an employee feels that the company invests in him, he is more committed and less likely to leave the organization, as he feels that he is constantly learning.

  • Encouraging employee participation in decision-making;
  • Create opportunities for professional growth and development in the company;
  • Organize meetings and conversations so that everyone knows what is expected of them and how satisfied you are with their work.
5. Be inspiring

Emotional intelligence is the main characteristic of a good leader, it is important that you remain calm and cheerful, regardless of how your day is going.

Positive speeches, individual motivational conversations, conversations to find out how your employees are doing, are some actions you can take to keep your team motivated and efficient.

Be generous and empathetic, but more than that, be enthusiastic. The most important role of the leader is to make the employee feel important in the organization.

A motivated employee is the best internal marketing you can have in your company. Invest in your team, task optimization and personal development technologies.

In the future, well-being in organizations will be more important than wages.

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