Three benefits of using BIMWorkplace

Why BIMWorkplace is the best option for your company?

The benefits of using BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology are so many that in the near future, using BIM will not be an option, but a condition to operate in the construction industry. Having that in mind, ndBIM Virtual Building has put on the market a cloud platform called BIMWorkplace that will revolutionize the construction industry.

This platform has come to the market to optimise the benefits of the use of BIM, improving communication between professionals involved in a project, ensuring the deadlines are met and reducing uncalculated costs. This solution can be used for small, medium or large projects.

The main goal of BIMWorkplace is to contribute to the digitalization of the AEC sector, democratizing access to information to all stakeholders and facilitate decision-making.

Based on ndBIM Virtual Building‘s experience in architecture and engineering services, using BIM methodology, it was possible to identify the need to create a link to share project data developed in this methodology, for all professionals involved in the work. Over time, ndBIM has noticed that many of the projects developed using BIM do not reach all the work force, especially during the execution phase. Even if the team has available a project with a high level of quality and detail, there are limitations that prevent its use, such as the use of complex and too technical software with high costs, the need for high capacity hardware equipment or even the inexistence of an advanced and specialized level of knowledge of the tool.

From this perception, ndBIM Virtual Building comes to the market with an innovative and comprehensive solution, providing a complete and simple experience in the use of complex models. BIMWorkplace unifies all the information and visualizations necessary for a project, in an intuitive and simple way, facilitating communication between the entire team involved in the execution of the work, regardless of their hierarchy.

BIMWorkplace being hosted in the Cloud, does not require a large investment in computer equipment. Most solutions outside the cloud require a high implementation cost, time and complexity. This way, all professionals with access to a computer with minimum system requirements and from anywhere in the world, can enjoy the benefits of this tool!

5 reasons to use BIMWorkplace

There are many reasons to join our BIM solution. Below we will describe some of the main points that promise to add solutions:


  1. BIMWorkplace allows a user to create a Workplace and start managing their projects. These projects can be imported in various versions of .RVT or .IFC format, with easy and fast loading, and can be accessed from anywhere.

  2. From the creation of projects within Workplace, it is possible to define different views, making the visualisation and consultation of information easier. It also allows the creation of element filters within the project, such as architecture, structure or hydraulics models, or the most varied technical specialities of a project ready for execution.

  3. The platform also provides an intuitive experience in viewing components, allowing you to be hide, isolate or highlight components in order to facilitate the perception of the behaviour of a given object within the 3D model.

  4. In the Workplace already created, the manager can add users and create user groups to access the project, in a secure way, since BIMWorkplace allows you to define different access levels and interaction permissions with the workplace and project. All of this is also available in a shared license system.

  5. Once the Workplace is created and configured with its main information and user permissions, any changes made or information added is shared automatically, ensuring that the whole team has the same level of knowledge about what is happening at all stages of the project.


All this information is stored on a single platform, passive for simultaneous access and simplified perception by the entire team, based on the fundamental concepts of OpenBim technology, covering CEOs, managers, architects, engineers, builders and service providers in general. BIMWorkplace has arrived to revolutionize the way professionals interact with projects developed in BIM models, in addition to preventing the occurrence of errors, delays and an increase in the work’s budget.

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