BIMWorkplace Community

What is the BIMWorkplace community?

BIMWorkplace aims at efficiency in the work environment and guaranteeing positive results for our customers.

For this, it is not about capturing customers on a large scale, but in maintaining a healthy relationship between technology and people, forming a community.

Being part of the BIMWorkplace community means being a partner and working towards the same goals.

We value an exchange relationship, where our team is willing to identify the needs of our customers while, on the other hand, the customer needs to establish a close relationship reporting all their experience with the platform, adding value and growth to the tool, together to achieve positive results.

The concept of “community” is precisely the definition of a group that shares common interests. Partners who work together to achieve these interests, based on a relationship of trust.

BIMWorkplace Support Team

The main mission of BIMWorkplace is the democratization of the use of technology in the civil construction sector. For this, the technical support team is always aware to solve the doubts of our users, in an optimized way, so that the technology is accessible to all professionals.

BIMWorkplace aims to deliver practicality, data quality and ways to visualize a project as a whole, and all this in a single tool. A single source of truth that facilitates communication between all involved and decision-making.

However, our team puts itself in the user’s shoes daily, to plan possibilities that focus on solving problems. In addition to seeking solutions, we want to be a part of and contribute to the progress of our customers.

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