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Tips for choosing construction management software

The construction sector is constantly growing, consequently the need to adopt more efficient tools has increased in recent years.

In order to respond to this need, numerous construction management software have appeared on the market, with different names and prices. When choosing the ideal software for your company, you must choose the tools that will really optimize your processes. It is true that choosing the software with the best price is not always the solution.

The first step in choosing a software is to define your main needs and requirements. In addition, it should be borne in mind that today’s needs are one, but in the future they may be different. Therefore, you should opt for flexible and constantly evolving software, willing to adopt new features, based on market needs.

Technical issues aside, the concern with data privacy, the connection with software that the company already uses, and the support offered to the customer are essential points when choosing your BIM software.

Do you already know BIMWorkplace?

Made by professionals passionate about BIM methodology, BIMWorkplace was developed to satisfy the needs of BIM professionals and all other professionals in the construction industry. All essential tools have been gathered on a single platform, where the objective has always been the democratization of information, putting all data in one place.

BIMWorkplace brings together a series of tools that prioritize excellence in the management and execution of a work. It is a cloud-hosted platform whose main features are:

  • Easy access from any location.
  • It makes it possible to create a workplace and add other users to have access to the same information and be able to manage the project.
  • Despite including other users, the project manager will be able to define the permissions granted to each one, ensuring data privacy and security.
  • Have all information unified on a single platform, with integration with Autodesk Revit.
  • BIMWorkplace supports loading models in .ifc and .rvt format.
  • It is possible to export data in Excel format, edit the data and then import it back to the platform.

All these resources aim to democratize the sharing of data and information, in order to keep the entire team involved in a project in constant updating. In addition to collaboration, ensure the reduction of future problems, delays in execution, unidentified failures, increased costs, among other situations arising from a failure in the management of the work.

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