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How to use BIMWorkplace to impress your team and your clients in project meetings and presentations?

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Introducing a client is always a high responsibility task. In order for everything to be executed better and the client to be really designed with a presentation, the person in charge (designer or architect) must reinforce everything to answer all the information and prepare for all the doubts raised by the client.

It’s impossible to predict the answers to questions we don’t know, but BIMWorkplace has developed a feature that minimizes presentation difficulty and makes it easy to answer all your project questions. How? With specific area views, quick filters and data extraction!

Explorer allows you to create several folders for the most diverse subjects, and within these folders views can be organized, to be discussed, analyzed at work, or to consult information, as in the following example:

Create Views
Image from BIMWorkplace – views for client meeting
Issue Management
Image from BIMWorkplace – views for discussion of detected issues
Team Meeting
Image from BIMWorkplace – views for team meetings

Thus, when accessing one of the views created for a particular subject, users will be able to browse the model, extract data and reports, as well as observe each element in its space, on a platform that can be accessed from any location, without the need for deep technical knowledge.

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