BIM Methodology vs BIM Software

The difference between BIM methodology and BIM software

Despite the BIM methodology not being present in the civil construction market for many decades and being pointed out as the future of civil construction, some companies are still in the recognition phase of this method. Discover all the difference between BIM methodology and BIM software.

And how can we predict this evolution of BIM and its great prominence in the future?

Civil construction professionals face several challenges daily in relation to the difficulty of maintaining good communication between the professionals involved in a project. In addition, they still have challenges such as: increasing construction speed and reducing construction costs.

For all these reasons, it is necessary to include a good working method in the company’s strategies. The method will ensure the optimization of all resources and keep the construction processes running as efficiently as possible.

The methodology, in short, is a way of organizing information. Focusing on the main pillars for the healthy evolution of construction: which are technology, people and processes.

A BIM software, such as BIMWorkplace, is a tool of the BIM methodology. There is a wide variety of software on the market, each with its own tools, but they are all part of the BIM methodology.

In short, BIM software is composed of BIM tools/functionalities and all of them operate on the Building Information Modeling methodology.

BIM Methodology
The main concepts of BIM methodology

The BIM methodology is composed of technological software that allows the elaboration of a realistic virtual construction of the building. In other words, a professional using this method is not just drawing lines, but also virtually constructing the building. It is possible to define properties of the elements, such as dimensions, materials, suppliers, costs, among others. Still present the client with a 3D view of the project.

The construction processes are also optimized with the BIM methodology, through plans and workflows, in order to have an effective planning for a precise execution, eliminating unforeseen events.

One of the main objectives of this methodology is the democratization of services and information. This democratization will solve workers’ problems by allowing for mutual communication between the entire management development team and service providers.

The BIM methodology came to replace the traditional tool that is Excel, as well as complex graphics, creating a BIM community through the ease of integration and communication of all professionals.

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