Connectivity from the construction to the office

The importance of maintaining connectivity between onsite and office operations

There are many challenges encountered when executing a construction project, and often the connection between the jobsite and the office is lacking. Today we will address the importance of maintaining connectivity between the construction and office teams, it is urgent that the management of a company is constantly updated on where the project stands.

When we talk about “office”, we are referring to the company’s management board, which in the ideal scenario should be constantly monitoring all the activities of the team abroad. However, the pace of work in a construction environment is very fast, and site managers often say that there is no time to maintain communication. This is the reason for hasty decisions, miscalculations, waste, delays in the construction schedule and reduced productivity on the part of employees.

It is true that there are many professionals and companies involved in a project, and it is difficult to maintain fluid communication between all of them. This is not a problem of today, it has been studied and the use of BIM methodology is seen as the main solution when it comes to uniting professionals and promoting direct, simple and efficient communication between all.

In a recent Autodesk study we can read that construction professionals point out that most errors that occur at the time of execution of the work, are caused by lack of information, lack of communication between teams, or even lack of accuracy of the data provided.

Let’s assume the following scenario:

A hydraulic project is not correctly correlated with the architectural project.

This situation will cause serious problems during the construction phase, as it is very likely that the piping systems are at inappropriate heights.

What will happen is that those responsible for the construction work will have to find a quick solution to reverse the problem, changing the already ready projects. Cases like these are totally avoided in teams that use BIM to keep the communication of project phases across the team.

This is just one example of the dozens of problems that can be manifested by the lack of connectivity between the office, everyone involved, and the construction site.

Therefore, the need for all professionals to have an accurate understanding throughout all stages of the project ensures that the end result of the work is more effective and efficient.

Why keep the information up to date across the entire team?

Keeping a team informed is important, but it is critical that the information we pass on to the team is up-to-date. 

All data, from all stages of a project, are included in the BIM methodology platforms. These are capable of managing 3D modeling, construction logistics, execution schedules by the aggregated professionals, execution completion plan, financial data, budgets, geospatial surveys, quantities take-off, among other options. All this reduces the possibility of human errors occurring at any stage of the life cycle of the project.

The BIM methodology provides a complete experience in this matter, as it has the ability to gather all the necessary functionalities and steps within a software. This work option allows a project to be understood by all those involved in the process. Whether they are professionals in civil construction, architects, managers, administrators, service providers, suppliers, among others.

In everyday language, we can say that this methodology serves as a “central” of information, where all documents are available to everyone.

Where does BIMWorkplace fit into this connectivity?

The BIM methodology is complete and functional. However, one of the difficulties encountered for all professionals to have access to the information, is the need for specific knowledge to use overly technical tools, as well as the need to install the software on a computer that is robust enough to deal with this type of platforms.

BIMWorkplace comes with the solution! It is a totally intuitive tool, without the need for in-depth knowledge to use it, being a universal platform that is integrated and collaborative between all those involved. BIMWorkplace is a cloud platform, which makes it possible to access it from anywhere, without the need for computers with high memory capacity.

Through BIMWorkplace, all project members included in a project will be able to update the models and the different components for an immediate view of the entire team. This ensures that all elements of a project will always have access to up-to-date information. Also, you won’t have to worry about ‘which model is the most up to date’, as the information will be constantly updated by the entire team involved.

BIMWorkplace came to the market with the aim of democratizing information and work processes and contributing to the future of BIM in civil construction, so that the number of failures, delays and budget slips in the execution of the work is increasingly smaller, avoiding the minimum of possible losses.

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