Construction management software
Tips for choosing good construction management sof...

Tips for choosing construction management software The construction sector is constantly growing, consequently the need to adopt more efficient tools has increased in recent years. In order to respond to this need, numerous construction management software have appeared on the

10 reasons to include BIM in your strategy
10 Reasons to include BIM in your strategy

10 Reasons to include BIM in your strategy In the year 2022, BIM tools are no longer the technology of the future, but the present of the most competitive organizations on the market. Many changes have taken place, namely the

BIM methodology contribute to sustainability
How can BIM methodology contribute to sustainabili...

How can BIM methodology contribute to sustainability in the construction industry Throughout this text, we will address how BIM contributes to sustainability. The world that welcomes us is increasingly populated. If in 2020 there were almost 8 billion inhabitants, by

Books about BIM
4 Books about BIM methodology that you can’t...

4 Books about BIM that you can’t miss! Do you know that reading is one of the most effective and relaxed ways to increase the level of our knowledge on the most diverse subjects? Today we share with you some

5 Reasons to support BIM implementation in small c...

Is Building Information Modelling (BIM) a methodology accessible only to large companies? The world is becoming increasingly technological and digital in all sectors, and construction is no exception! Fortunately, technology is for everyone and not just for the big players.

8 Factors that make BIMWorkplace a happy company

8 factors that make BIMWorkplace a happy company. In BIMWorkplace's world, people are at the heart of the strategy, whether they are clients, partners or teammates. We believe that success starts from the inside out. We can only give the


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