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4 Books about BIM that you can't miss!

Do you know that reading is one of the most effective and relaxed ways to increase the level of our knowledge on the most diverse subjects? Today we share with you some books about BIM methodology.

The more technical and innovative the themes, the more necessary the support of knowledge becomes to create a sustained and strong argumentative basis. This knowledge will make a difference when talking about the subject.

When talking about BIM, there are many technical terms and processes that we must master to make our knowledge really valid, as this is a very technical area.

It is easier to memorize something if we read it than if we just listen to it. Because the need to keep the narrative development line requires the reader to strengthen his memory of it.

In the case of technical books such as BIM, reading is essential to memorize concepts. Furthermore, a study by the American Academy of Neurology confirmed that individuals who are in the habit of performing mentally stimulating activities, such as reading, have a metal decline rate reduced by up to 32% compared to people who do not read.

If reading makes us more cultured, healthy and focused people, reading about the topics we are passionate about is really the icing on the cake.

We know that you are person as passionate about BIM as we are! So we’ve decided to share with you 4 books about BIM methodology that we think you’ll enjoy!  They are:

Experts, who not only have a deep theoretical knowledge, but also an impactful experience in the field, wrote all these books. From specialists for specialists, or specialists in training.

We came out richer after scrolling through the pages of these 4 amazing works. What about you? Do you have any book suggestions to share?

Share and tag us on your social media with your suggestions. We look forward to hearing what your preferences are!

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