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All about BIMWorkplace POWER USERS program

All about BIMWorkplace POWER USERS Program Learn all about the BIMWorkplace Power User program! The main mission of BIMWorkplace is the democratization of technology in construction, through a simple software that allows full team collaboration and optimizes project management.  Today

Books about BIM
4 Books about BIM methodology that you can’t...

4 Books about BIM that you can’t miss! Do you know that reading is one of the most effective and relaxed ways to increase the level of our knowledge on the most diverse subjects? Today we share with you some

Three benefits of using BIMWorkplace
Why BIMWorkplace is the best option for your compa...

The benefits of using BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology are so many that in the near future, using BIM will not be an option, but a condition to operate in the construction industry. Bearing in mind with this reality, ndBIM

8 Factors that make BIMWorkplace a happy company

8 factors that make BIMWorkplace a happy company. In BIMWorkplace's world, people are at the heart of the strategy, whether they are clients, partners or teammates. We believe that success starts from the inside out. We can only give the

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