Apply filters in Collaboration

In this filter tab of the Collaboration module, we will have all the possible conditions to apply filters in the management of project topics. To access the filters, click on the icon of the filters in the bar on the right side.

The conditions to apply these filters will have the same fields existing in the creation of topics (area, disciplines, phases, types, priorities, status, assigned to, expiration date, and custom fields). In addition to these fields, we also have the possibility to filter by who created the topic, the date of creation, the last topic update and the completion (close) date of the topic.

This tool is very flexible, in a way that allows several conditions to be combined, that is, users can select several fields and are not limited to filtering one field at a time.

See the following example, to which two conditions were applied – topics referring to situations under construction and related to the installation of equipment:

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