What type of plan is better to my company?

BIMWorkplace was born with the aim of solving some of the day-to-day pains of companies, either in the office environment or directly on construction site.

For this, it combines a set of functionalities that add value to all phases of the project and to the elements that make up the team.

Let’s now talk about signatures and values! It was no use offering a set of valuable features if it was not accessible to all companies, whether large or small.

Thus, we chose to develop the Plan by Project and the Plan by Users, in order to facilitate the choice of companies, and taking into account the work format they normally adopt. However, what sets each one apart?

Plan by Project

This plan is aimed at companies that have large projects and many employees involved in all phases of the project. The manager can buy a subscription per project, remembering that he can buy more projects whenever necessary.

On the other hand, by choosing the desired number of projects, the manager will be able to invite unlimited users to collaborate in his workplace. This means integrating managers, architects, engineers, construction supervisors, suppliers, service providers, customers and an infinite number of participants in the entire process into a single environment.

Plan by Users

This plan is primarily designed for companies that have projects with a smaller number of employees involved.
With this plan, when choosing the desired number of users (from 10 users), the company has unlimited projects. That is, you can have as many active projects as necessary, with the number of users already registered.

Both plans benefit from guest users. In the Plan by Project, there is the possibility of having 10 guests for each subscribed project. In the Plan by Users, the guests correspond to 50% of the number of users in the subscription. These users will only be able to view your project information, not being able to have other interactions on the platform. However, they don’t have a subscription cost.

Now it is easy to choose the best plan for your company and start your experience with BIMWorkplace!

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