Topic Permissions

After creating a topic, the remaining advanced settings tabs become available.

Whenever a new topic is created, it is “public” by default, which means that all project team members can view and comment on the same topic.

However, the topic creator can make the topic “private”, limiting its access and editing.

Following are options for individually configuring permissions by users, workgroups, and project groups. If the creator of the topic assigns individual permissions, but also for groups, and there is a conflict between the type of individual permission of a user and the group in which he is inserted, the permission with greater power will always be considered.

Let’s understand now the difference of each permission level:

  • None: at this level, users don’t have access to the current topic or see it in the topic list.
  • Read: at this permission level, users can view the topic as well as comment on it. The other fields are locked for editing.
  • Read + Edit: what differentiates this permission level from the previous one is the possibility to edit the topic information. However, this level doesn’t allow users to delete the topic.
  • Total: this is the permission level with the most freedom; users can view, edit and also delete the topic.

– The creator (owner) of the topic, as well as the user assigned in the Assigned to field, they always have full permissions on the topic, even if this permission doesn’t appear in the whitelist.
– If the topic is set to “public”, but there is a user or group with “none” permission, they will still be able to access and comment on the topic. The “Public” permission overlaps with other selected permissions.

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