Go to Model tool

The Go to Model tool is very smart and practical in everyday work.

Imagine that a colleague found a certain problem in the model and creates a topic to report, inserting an image of a printscreen, or an uploaded image taken from a .DWG file.

It would be a big complication for the other team members to find the exact location of the problem in the model, not to mention the time it could take.

To solve this situation, we created the go to model tool, parallel to the point of view capture tool. The point of view captures the location, camera position and identifications of visible or hidden elements, so that later, when clicking on the go to model button, the viewer is directed to the location of the problem in the model.

You can find this button:

  • In the list topics view

  • In the card view

  • In the open topic tab

  • And even in comments that contain associated viewpoints

Note: when the go to model button is inactive, it means that the inserted image doesn’t come from a viewpoint.

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