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The BIMWorkplace offers two types of licenses, by Project and by User, so let’s now understand how these licenses are applied.

1 – In the by Project type subscription, the manager is buying a license for his Workplace, in this way all added users, do not need a particular license. They can access freely, as they enjoy the desktop license.

However, in this case in particular, the columns license assigned, license granted by and license, in Workplace Users, they will always be inactive, as there is no particular license for each user.

2 – For the by User type subscription, the manager will buy the desired number of users to insert in his workplace, and will distribute the licenses to each invited user. Therefore, if the manager buys 20 users, he will have 20 private licenses.
In addition to the 20 licenses purchased, 10 guests will also be offered. These guest users offered by BIMWorkplace do not consume a license.

In this case, the columns will be filled in as follows:

License assigned: this column has a switch button that means whether the added user has a license. If the user does not have a particular license, he will only be able to access the workplace when a license has been assigned to him.

License granted by: the proposal of BIMWorkplace is that users can have shared licenses. Thus, in this column, it will be visible which workplace assigned a license to this user.
With this concept, a user will be able to work at my workplace even if he has a license from another company.

License: in this column, we will have the subscription level that the user has.
The level of features (type of plan) available to the user will always be the lowest value. For example, if I have a Champion account and I add a user with a Standard account license, this user will have access to Standard features.

Attention: Each user can only have one license assigned. If you want to change your license from the old company to the current company, you must contact the old company and request that the license be withdrawn.

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