Workplace information

Workplace is the company’s work environment where the manager manages projects, users, permissions and consumption of template uploads.

The manager who purchased a workplace subscription will be able to configure their workplace or assign this role to another colleague.

1 – To configure Workplace, you must go to the Workplace Settings page and select the Workplace Information tab:

2 – In the Workplace Information tab, you must fill in additional information such as address and company name.

3 – Optionally, there is the option to change the Workplace Manager if you want someone else to manage Workplace. To change the Workplace Manager, you must first invite the chosen person to your workplace, and only then make the move.

The remaining topics in this tab are for informational purposes only, providing an overview of workplace data such as model upload consumption, storage space consumption, and workplace license type.

Curiosity: If a user is invited to collaborate on a workplace but is unable to access the workplace settings page, it is because they have not been granted permissions for that access. In that case, speak with the workplace manager to reconsider your permission.

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