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The images assigned to the topics help to better represent the reported situation and even facilitate the understanding of the subject. BIMWorkplace has three ways to add images.

1 – Upload image from your computer. When clicking on this option, just select the desired image, and it will be loaded in the current topic. Image formats in .jpg, .jpeg, .webp and .png are accepted.

2 – Paste Image. This button will paste a previously made print-screen. For example, if you make a print-screen of a certain point in the CAD project, you can paste the image in the topic.

3 – Take a viewpoint. The smartest way to capture images of the model is through the Take a viewpoint tool. Allows you to capture the model, saving the position of the model, selected elements, visible and hidden.

In addition to these three ways, multiple images can also be added, depending on the type of subscription plan your company has.

This way, whenever a member of your team is going to analyze the situation at hand, they can quickly locate the context in which the topic applies. There are three ways to save these images:

1 – Whole model: this is the fastest method of capturing the model image. This method records the model correction position, however it doesn’t consider selected, hidden, isolated elements and applied filters, as well as applied filters..

In the example below, a viewpoint of an area where a door has been hidden was saved using the Whole Model method. When opening the model, the viewpoint locates the area in question, but doesn’t hide the desired element, in this case the door.

2 – Visible/Hidden elements: this is the second fastest way to capture an image of the model. This method allows you to save topic location and hidden and isolated elements. However, applied filters are not taken into account.

In the example below, a filter to remove the “architecture” model was applied and a second link box was hidden. You can see that the hidden element was considered, but the filter to remove the architecture model was not applied.

3 – Visible/Hidden elements + Filter Options: this is the most complete method, which due to its complexity can take a little longer to load the image. With this method it is possible to save all the actions performed around the model (hidden, isolated, selected elements and filters).

We can see in the image below an example of the situation observed in the previous demonstration, but now with the application of this third method.

All these options are intended to make your daily work easier! Choose the tools that best fit each situation!

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