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BIMWorkplace has a partnership with Autodesk in the 3D model viewer in order to make it possible to import models in Revit format directly into the cloud without having to convert files.

The big advantage is that it is no longer necessary to assign software licenses to several team members, only those who will actually work on the model.

The team members who don’t have a software license can, at any time and at any location, upload the file directly to BIMWokkplace, only needing an internet connection, and thus work with the data and the visualization of the model in a way that is shared with the other team members.

What does this imply? There is a charge to Autodesk for using this service. Thus, the upload packages available for purchase at BIMWorkplace refer to the cost of reading the .RVT files.

However, the purchase of model uploads costs much less than the purchase of a BIM modeling software license.

How to buy?

Access the Billing page, and choose the upload package that will best meet your company’s needs.

Let’s consider that 1 upload corresponds to importing 1 model, so you can get an idea of ​​the ideal use of the package.

Important: Upload packages expire 365 days after purchase, so after this period unused uploads expire without recovery.

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