Permissions Role – Workplace and Project

Do you have questions about how to manage employee permissions added to your workplace and projects? This is the right place to understand how to do this management.

BIMWorkplace offers three levels of pre-defined functions for the workplace and for the project.

Within the workplace, the main roles are divided into Standard, Guest and Admin. These three roles and their permissions cannot be changed, however, the workplace manager can create new roles and customize them to suit your needs.

Within the project, in turn, the main functions are divided into Project Manager, Guest and Standard. They are also not editable.

Let’s now understand the meaning of each of the three permission levels, so that you can choose the most appropriate one for the new functions added.

None: with this permission the user will not be able to access the information. Buttons and functionalities on the pages will not be visible.

Read: this permission only allows the user to read the information.

Total: this permission allows the user to see all information, as well as perform actions on it, such as editing or deleting.

Now that we have introduced you to the various roles, as well as the existing permission levels, you can create your workflow much more securely, ensuring that information is available to the right people according to their roles in the workplace and projects.

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