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The last button, on the right sidebar, is the “Go to Room” tool, which allows navigating the model environments. For this tool to be enabled for use, it is necessary to have environments were modeled in the modeling software.

The environments are organized in hierarchical structure where the levels will be model > floor > environment. Just select an environment and confirm with “Apply”, and the user will be directed to the selected environment to navigate in first person.

In case the user has doubts how much to commands to browse the model, just click on the icon of information, which will be shown all navigation shortcuts.

In this way, the user can obtain a perception of best of environments, check elements, and even to analyze information by hiding or isolating elements, as in the following image, where the kitchen wall and cladding were hidden to visualize the hydraulic system gift.

Note: Some environments may not import with the template. This failure can occur if the environments were created with the closure with linked models. For example, if rooms were created in the architecture model, but there are places where they were closed with the structure linked model. BIMWorkplace does not import linked models, so it is not possible to recognize these environments “without” closure. Make sure the correct use of the “Room Separator” tool (Revit software tool) to delimit the environments.

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