This tab is intended to manage the editing of properties of model elements. When opening it, we have a list of existing properties in the model, and already in the second column, the users who have permissions to edit them. Attention, it will only be possible to edit properties of the text type; other properties that interfere directly in the modeling cannot be edited.

To add permissions, select the properties you want and then click on the “Users” button on the title of the column, to choose the users that you want to add permission. After distributing the users by the desired properties, confirm with “Apply”.

After configuring the permissions depending on the project team members, when selecting an element in the model and reopening this tab, now they will no longer be visible the permissions and yes the properties of instance and of type, of the selected element.

The fields in which the user has permissions to edit (text fields) will have the icon of the pencil, just double-click on the cell, and the user will be able to edit the information, and they will be recorded in the model.

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