Project data fields

Project data fields are information that the project manager can leave predefined to be used later in the different modules of BIMWorkplace. This data will be used to load models into the application and create topics in Collaboration, and will also be applied to new features in the future.
BIMWorkplace comes with a default of the following data fields: areas, disciplines, phases, types, priorities and status. When creating new projects, the respective data fields will always appear empty. Later, the manager can fill in each option independently, transfer from another Workplace project, or even copy the options proposed by BIMWorkplace.

Let’s understand how it works:

1 – The data fields in the BIMWorkplace will appear empty. The manager will have to expand it and click the New button on the menu, which will open the field for creating the data:

2 – The manager can choose to use the data fields download feature to complete these fields. This option offers two possibilities: copy the data from another existing project in the current workplace, or auto-fill with a BIMWorkplace template (English, Portuguese, Spanish and French).

3 – Finally, in addition to data fields, the manager can also create custom fields. By clicking the button New Custom, you can choose between creating a text field or creating a multiple option field.

Finally, let’s see where the project data fields will appear. For example, when creating a topic, the previously configured project data fields will appear.

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