New topic

In this space, creativity for the use of this functionality has no limits. You can create new topics to report issues, discuss questions and suggestions, manage equipment installations, and much more.

Click in New Topic and in the tab for creating the topic fill in all the relevant data.

1 – Assign a title and add images, which could be viewpoints, images loaded from the browser or a collage of a printscreen.

2 – Mark the images that will help you understand the topic.

3 – Choose an image for the topic cover, and then insert a description about the reported subject.

4 – Below, we have the data fields configured in Project Settings. Some of them are mandatory, so you must fill in these mandatory fields, as well as those that are relevant to the current topic.

Remember to assign the topic to a member of your team to be responsible for its resolution, as well as a deadline date for its completion. In addition, you can notify other team members to receive information about the topic creation.

Now just click Apply!

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