What is the Credit Balance?

If you noticed that on your billing page there is a value referring to the Credit Balance, this is the right section to understand what that means.

The credit balance always appears in upgrade or downgrade situations. Let’s think about it like this:

“I have a subscription with 20 projects, however in the middle of this subscription, I decide to downgrade this amount and go to 10 projects. Let’s imagine that the amount I’ve paid so far is greater than the value of the 10 projects I’m reducing. I will thus have a balance value, since the value of the new subscription is less than the amount I already paid.”

Ex: If 20 projects equals 100€, 10 projects will equal 50€. That said, if I have already paid €60, my credit balance will then be €10.

This balance will always be applied to the next purchase, be it a new subscription or the purchase of upload packages.

Don’t worry, BIMWorkplace manages these values ​​at the time of the new purchase and shows them in your cart before completing.

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