Data Extraction Packs Management

On this page, the workplace manager distributes the model uploads for their projects.
The first column shows all existing projects in the workplace, while the following columns are for distributing uploads in different formats (.IFC, Revit Plugin, and Revit Directly in the Cloud).

The columns for each project will show the total amount of uploads, the uploads consumed to date, and the status of the uploads. The status of the uploads alerts you if they have expired.
In the “total” column you can see a similar value: 1000/1000/940.

Cells that contain the pencil icon indicate that the field is editable. So, just double-click on the cell and the text field will open to enter/distribute the credits acquired by the different projects and formats.

You can check the uploads available in the project by accessing the Project Information, or the Uploads tab in Template Management.

Attention: you cannot assign model uploads to projects that are inactive or have been deleted from the workplace.

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