Model management

This space is where the models will be organized and loaded to be federated in the viewer. These templates will be organized in a folder structure.

1 – Click on the first button in the bar on the right side, then assign a name to the new folder and click on New Folder to confirm. The user is free to create in the way that is most convenient, in the example below they were created by disciplines.

To edit them, double-click on the folder name and add the new name.

2 – In the “Uploads” tab, drag your model or click on the cloud image to select it on your computer.

  • Valid Formats – BIMWorkplace supports models in IFC 2×3 and 4 format as well as models in RVT 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 format.

  • Model uploads in RVT and IFC format are handled by packages purchased when purchasing a subscription. This tab will describe the balance of uploads available in this project, with 1 upload equaling 1 model.

If there are no uploads available, communicate with the project and workplace manager so that the necessary uploads can be assigned.

3 – When adding your model(s) to the loading environment, they will go through a validation process:

4 – After the validation process, the user must fill in the fields corresponding to the model to be imported, these fields are:

  • Model – the user must choose between “New”, or if it is a second version of a model, he must choose which model this new version refers to.
  • Folders – select the folder created in Models Management, to store the model.
  • Phases – select which project phase this template corresponds to.
  • File format version – inform which version of the loaded file (ifc 2×3,4 or rvt 19/20/21/22/23).
  • Version – inform the version of the model being loaded.

Then confirm with “Import” to start loading the model, and you will be directed to the folder in Models Management to track the upload progress.

5 – After completion of loading, select the model version in the blank field and then activate the visualization as desired and confirm in Apply.


Model view

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